Poolinfloor offers a full line of Caretaker Cleaning Products including Caretaker 99, UltraFlex 1, and UltraFlex 2 Systems. We proudly carry Caretaker Threaded (pre 1991), Caretaker Bayonet, and VinylCare High Flow cleaning heads. In addition, we also stock most retro heads to replace other manufacturers' designs. Caretaker is now it's own company but has been branded under many names such as:

  • Zodiac Caretaker
  • Jandy Caretaker
  • Polaris Caretaker
  • Caretaker 99
  • Aquatech
  • HydroClean 

What Sets the Caretaker System Apart

  • Better Cleaning Coverage: Heads rotate through 18 positions (more than any competitor) in a full 360°, providing complete and reliable coverage.

  • Energy Efficient: Systematically pushes all debris to the main drain.

  • Adjustability: 6 nozzle sizes (more than any competitor) maximize the flow needed for select areas and allow customized flow for steps, benches, and swimouts.

  • Flexibility: Unique collar design provides flexible positioning of heads for maximum cleaning.