Caretaker 99 Complete 2" Cleaning Head (Jet Black)

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Caretaker 99 Complete 2" Cleaning Head (Jet Black) 


Genuine Caretaker 99 pop up head replacement part. This is the new style cleaning head with low pressure spring ready for Variable Speed Pumps. This pop up head fits all Caretaker in floor pool cleaning systems.

Caretaker is now it's own brand but has in the past been under the branding of Polaris Caretaker, Jandy Caretaker, Zodiac Caretaker and Caretaker 99. All of these are now synonymous with the singular Caretaker brand.

Optimizes Circulation

Ordinary pools circulate water from surface inlets causing most sections to receive little or no circulation. Poor circulation results in the loss or uneven distribution of valuable chemicals, heat and water. It can also result in algae and bacteria growth. The Caretaker™ system prevents this by circulating clean water throughout your entire pool, optimizing the distribution of chemicals and heat.

Saves Time

The powerful Caretaker system will automatically rid your pool of debris, ensure it is always clean, and minimize the time required for maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Saves Energy and Money

While a Caretaker system ensures a cleaner, healthier pool, it also uses less energy, chemicals, and equipment runtime, significantly reducing your annual maintenance costs.

Extends the Life of Pool Equipment

The Caretaker 99 Pop Up Head pool cleaning system saves wear and tear on your pool equipment, prolonging the life of your pump, filter, and heater.



We offer 5 different Nozzle Inserts for Caretaker 99 Pop Up Heads found HERE


What is included:

30-Day Return Policy 1-Year Limited Warranty Through Caretaker