Caretaker 99 Cleaning Head Step & Bench Nozzle Insert (Clear)

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Caretaker 99 Cleaning Head Step & Bench Nozzle Insert

Under ideal operating conditions, this nozzle has an estimated cleaning radius of four feet at seven gallons per minute. 

The Caretaker Step & Bench Nozzle Insert is designed to provide thorough cleaning for the average pool and spa steps. The restricted flow also provides back-pressure for zones that have a mix of floor and step cleaning heads. 

We recommend the Caretaker Step & Bench Nozzle be installed in the following applications:

  • Average sized Pool Steps
  • Average sized Spa Steps
  • Beach Entries
  • Swim-Outs
  • Baja Steps
  • Floor/Step Combo Zones

 *These nozzles are very easy to install however, once they are in it is nearly impossible to remove them without causing damage to the nozzle or the pop up head.*

We also offer Caretaker Nozzle Inserts in the following sizes:

If you are looking for a stronger output and a larger cleaning radius we recommend the Caretaker High Flow Heads. Available in 10 colors with a factory installed nozzle rated for a 7.5' radius at 30gpm.

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