Caretaker 99 Cleaning Head Mini Nozzle Insert (Clear)

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Genuine Caretaker OEM
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Caretaker 99 Cleaning Head Mini Nozzle Insert

Under ideal operating conditions, this nozzle has an estimated cleaning radius of two feet at five gallons per minute

The Caretaker Mini Nozzle Insert is designed to eliminate excess splashing and prevent water loss for cleaning heads installed in very shallow areas of your pool or spa. The restricted flow is perfect for zones that need a boost in pressure.

We recommend the Caretaker Mini Nozzle be installed in the following applications:

  • Small Pool Steps
  • Small Spa Steps
  • Beach Entries
  • Swim Outs
  • Baja Steps
  • Zones needing a boost

*These nozzles are very easy to install however, once they are in it is nearly impossible to remove them without causing damage to the nozzle or the pop up head.*

We also offer Caretaker Nozzle Inserts in the following sizes:

If you are looking for a stronger output and a larger cleaning radius we recommend the Caretaker High Flow Heads. Available in 10 colors with a factory installed nozzle rated for a 7.5' radius at 30gpm. 

30-Day Return Policy 1-Year Limited Warranty Through Caretaker