A&A Gamma Series 4 Adjustable Flow Pop Up Head (Gold)

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A&A Gamma Series 4 Adjustable Flow Cleaning Head - Gold

The A&A Gamma Series 4 is an upgraded version of the Gamma Series 3. The Gamma 4 cleaning heads will retrofit into your existing Gamma 3 & Gamma 4 Collars. Introduced mid-2012, the Gamma 4 utilizes a bigger locking tab to help increase locking strength. Easily diagnose or install these cleaning heads with one of the A&A Gamma 4 Installation tools. We offer the tool in a Plastic and also a Metal version. When dealing with older heads that may be stuck in their fittings, we always recommend the Metal Tool. A&A has also made some improvements to the spring which allows the head to pop up fully when the pump is running at lower RPM's; a big plus for anyone who has recently switched over to a Variable Speed pump! 

Another new feature on the Gamma Series 4 is the four-in-one Adjustable Nozzle which eliminates the need to choose between High Flow and Low Flow. Be sure to check out our instructional video above!

The flow rates are as follows:

  • 1/4" Orifice rated at 6 GPM
  • 3/8" Orifice rated at 12 GPM (This is the same size as the original "Low Flow")
  • 7/16" Orifice rated at 18 GPM (This is the same size as the original "High Flow")
  • 9/16" Orifice rated at 30 GPM

A&A has also released a Venturi version of the Gamma Series 4 which uses pinholes on the top of the head to draw in extra water and add a cleaning boost for those hard-to-reach areas. The Venturi option does not feature the Adjustable Nozzle however, they are suitable for any application in the pool. Click here to view the A&A Gamma Series 4 Venturi Cleaning Head in Gold. 


Poolinfloor Troubleshooting Tip:

If the cleaning head keeps dislodging itself from the floor fitting, try 1 wrap of electrical tape around the locking tabs on the pop up to help it grip the collar better.


Click the VIDEOS tab ABOVE for assistance in identifying your A&A cleaning heads!

We have a wonderful video going over the A&A Gamma 4 and Gamma 4 Venturi found HERE

Check out our A&A Manufacturing Playlist on YouTube HERE


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